Meeting "Origins of Metazoans" Paris 7&8 November 2017

Meeting "Origins of Metazoans" Paris 7&8 November 2017

Dear Members of the Japanese Society of Developmental Biologists,

we contact you on behalf of Brigitte Galliot, Evelyn Houliston, Andre Le Bivic and Vincent Laudet: the Organisation Committee of the Meeting "Origins of Metazoans"
which will take place in France, in Paris, on 7&8 November 2017, under the hospice of The French Multi-organization thematic Institute "Cell biology, development and evolution" (ITMO BCDE).

This event will focus on one of the most important question in evolution and biology: how the metazoans have emerged with some of their characteristic features like epithelial layers, neuronal and muscle cells.
The conference will be a fantastic opportunity to discuss about this: most of the important groups in the field will present their work in several themed sessions.

So we would be very grateful if you could advertise and communicate about this meeting through the Japanese Society of Developmental Biologists.
For this purpose you will find attached and below the program, meeting poster and announcement with the link to our website for information and registration. And of course you are very welcome if you wish to join us!

We thank you very much in advance and remind at your disposal for any further question.
Kind regards,

Christine Lemaitre and Sylvie Robine, Scientific policy officers of ITMO BCDE
Christine Lemaitre, Chargee de mission
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