JSDB's response to the Kumamoto Earthquake


JSDB's response to the Kumamoto Earthquake

JSDB's response to the Kumamoto Earthquake

We would like to express our sincere condolences to everyone affected by the recent earthquake in Kumamoto. The JSDB has received an outpouring of messages from our members worried about the safety of JSDB members living in and around Kumamoto, as well as concerns about the burden of the annual meeting to be held in Kumamoto.
We have received some word of damages to laboratory equipment in the labs at Kumamoto University, and partial damage to the Main Hall of the venue for the annual meeting.

The JSDB is currently working diligently to organize support as well as gather information on the extent of damages to our members' laboratories and possible hindrances to holding our meeting. Though damages due to aftershocks continue to occur, we plan to reveal our full-scale response once we grasp the whole picture.

While the situation remains unpredictable, provided that the aftershocks settle down and the organizing committee can get back on its feet, we feel that having many members attend the Kumamoto annual meeting will be a sign of encouragement for Kumamoto.

In any case, the annual meeting will require strong support from the JSDB, and we may also need to enlist cooperation from our members, at which time we hope you will be willing to offer your assistance.

Update: April 17
Large-scale aftershocks have continued to hit the region after the initial notice was posted, and the people in Kumamoto are struggling to access lifeline utilities in a situation that remains unpredictable.

We will inform members as quickly as possible on the actions we will take, and on the status of the meeting in Kumamoto.

In addition, after consulting with the The Union of Japanese Societies for Biological Science , we will appeal to MEXT and other governmental agencies to ensure that they provide necessary support to the universities affected by the earthquake.

Naoto Ueno
President, JSDB