Group Leader position EMBL Developmental Biology Unit


Group Leader position EMBL Developmental Biology Unit

Group Leader position EMBL Developmental Biology Unit

We are seeking a new Group Leader to join the Developmental Biology Unit at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) in Heidelberg, Germany.

EMBL Group leaders are hired for an initial 5 years, with renewal to a maximum of 9 years.

The Developmental Biology Unit studies the development of multicellular organisms. Research in the unit covers all levels, from the cellular to the whole organism, and is highly interdisciplinary, combining a wide range of approaches and innovative techniques. EMBL brings together the most talented biologists empowering them to explore bold new areas of biological inquiry.
Research in the Developmental Biology Unit is firmly embedded within the overall EMBL research environment, with extensive in-house collaborations and support from cutting-edge facilities, including genomics, transgenics, metabolomics, mass-spectrometry, and microscopy. Candidates carrying out interdisciplinary research at the interface between development and metabolism, tissue mechanics, single-cell genomics, or theoretical biology are welcome, as are those using classical genetic models or new developmental model organisms.
The successful candidate should have a strong motivation to work in the multidisciplinary and collaborative environment of EMBL, grasping the opportunity to interact with many other research groups. In general, EMBL appoints group leaders early in their career and provides them with a very supportive environment and generous work package for their first independent position to achieve highly ambitious and original research goals.
The EMBL International PhD Programme (EIPP; ) is recognized as among the best in the life sciences in Europe and has the right to award its own PhD degree.
EMBL also runs a vibrant Interdisciplinary Postdoctoral Programme (EIPOD; that promotes synergistic interactions and innovative research at the forefront of biology.
EMBL is an inclusive, equal opportunity employer offering attractive conditions and benefits appropriate to an international research organization with a very collegial and family friendly working environment. EMBL is committed to achieving gender balance and strongly encourages applications from women. Appointment will be based on merit alone. The remuneration package comprises a competitive salary, a comprehensive pension scheme, medical, educational and other social benefits, as well as financial support for relocation and installation, including your family, and the availability of an excellent child care facility on campus. Heidelberg is an international university town and is the home of many highly-reputed research institutes and centers. Frankfurt International Airport is only 45 minutes away.

Further information about research in the Developmental Biology Unit and at EMBL can be found on the EMBL web page.

I would be grateful if you would please bring this advertisement to the attention of strong candidates who might be interested in such a position.

The deadline for application is 20 September 2020

Best regards,

Anne Ephrussi

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