New year message from JSDB president, January 2020


New year message from JSDB president, January 2020

New year message from JSDB president, January 2020


Dear JSDB members,

New Year has come with my first experience as the JSDB President. I guess that everybody just made a fresh start and moved forward for its own new resolution of this year. It is almost 8 months since I was appointed at the JSDB annual meeting in Osaka. In fact, I took some time to catch up the current situation of the society, because I had not been a member of the steering committee for the last few years. Having had the board meeting held on 21 December, 2019 at the National Institute of Basic Biology, the direction of our society for the coming years become more visible. Taking this opportunity, I would like to share this with all members of the society.

First, our official journal, 'Development, Growth and Differentiation (DGD)', will have a new Editor-in-Chief, Masanori Taira, after long and excellent works of Harukazu Nakamura. On behalf of all members of JDSB, I sincerely thank Nakamura-sensei for his enthusiastic contribution and great achievements over 13 years. The new editorial board members and the new scope of the journal will be announced shortly.

The preparation and planning of the annual meetings (53rd, Kumamoto, 2020/05/19-22 and 54th, Sapporo, 2021/06/15-18) and the autumn meeting (Sapporo, 2020/09/24-25, ), are going well. Furthermore, the JSDB will actively commit to international events, in particular, to promote globalization of young researchers. We will have the 3rd JSDB-GfE (the German Development Biology Association) Young Scientist Exchange Meeting in Germany (Guenzburg, 2020/10/15-17), and send our young scientists to the annual meeting of Indian Society of Developmental Biologists (InSDB 2020) (Bangalore, 2020/12/14-18). Hiroshi Sasaki, a secretary-general, and Kunimasa Ohta, a deputy secretary-general are organizing these two meetings on our side, respectively. There will be more to come in 2021. We started discussion on the 3rd Joint Meeting of the French and Japanese Society for Developmental Biology in 2021 (late spring, somewhere in France). The next ISDB congress in 2021 is gradually coming in shape, and I recently received a message from Angela Nieto, ISDB president on its suggested dates and venue (Algarve (Portugal), 2021/10/17-21). Please expect and prepare for these exciting events.

The other important issue we discussed at the last board meeting is carrier paths of PhD students and PDs. We seriously consider the current situation around young people studying and working in science in Japan. We will do our best in every occasions to provide young people with an attractive career path in science and also various paths outside academia in which they can play critical roles as professionals by utilizing their specialized talents such as logical thinking and presentation, challenge spirit, issue discovery and solving abilities and so on.

The renewal of the society homepage was also discussed in detail at the board meeting and will be done sometime this year. We hope you'll be looking forward to it.

Finally, I wish you all for this year to be a great development and success.

Hiroyuki Takeda, JSDB President